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Affectionate sex positions Over 100 Illustrated Instructs readers on how to bring their partners to high levels of arousal, mutually satisfying each other. One thing is for sure: experimentation can bring more excitement to your lovemaking. All it takes is some willingness from both lovers, a healthy amount of trust, and open communication.
Affectionate sex positions Over 100 Illustrated is the perfect manual for couples looking for new ideas to vary and expand their sexual repertoire. Illustrated with tasteful, erotic photography and showing how to use specific sexual techniques, positions, styles and tips to boost love making this is the ideal book for lovers. This exciting guide shows you how to intensify sensations reaching new heights of orgasmic pleasure using incredible Sex Positions. Explore lovemaking at a pace that suits you both. Do not put pressure on each other to achieve any kind of pre-set goal, and be filled with pleasure and joy. Relax and have fun and always bring laughter and playfulness into your sexual interaction. Do not deny yourselves the type of sexual activity you have always enjoyed. Most of all, remember that the love life you forge with your beloved is unique to your own relationship. Let that relationship be full of joy and playfulness as you embark on the sensual adventure of sex.
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This Book is not a source of medical information, and it should not be regarded as such. This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. It is sold with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering a medical service. As with any medical advice, the reader is strongly encouraged to seek professional medical advice before taking action.
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Published by Teachaz Publication Inc.
PO BOX 50391-00100,
Nairobi, Kenya
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ISBN-13: 978-1511937320
ISBN-10: 1511937327

Having a sexual relationship that works well doesn’t just depend upon your knowing lots of sex techniques and positions! Any difficulties in communication between you and your partner will erode confidence, spark resentment and lead to a loss of passion.
If that’s the way your relationship is shaping up, then knowing lots of ways to enjoy sex is not likely to make much of an improvement. On the other hand, if things are going well for you and your partner, then trying out new sex techniques and exciting new positions will bring emotional intimacy, fun and bags of sexual excitement for you!
We’re all interested in sex, that’s for sure. We spend a huge amount of time thinking about it, enjoying it, or trying to get it. Don’t you think, then, it’s a bit strange that a lot of people lose interest in sex with their partners so quickly?
The explanation for this may lie in the fact that sex is just like lots of other human pastimes – to stop us getting bored, we occasionally have to find some new interests, some new techniques, which make it fresh and exciting for us.
So call your partner, look at the pictures together, have a laugh, and then go to bed and enjoy trying out these new sexual positions and exciting new techniques. And above all, remember sex should be enjoyable, not taken too seriously, and above all FUN! In the mood for dreamy, tender sex? Try these positions for lots of eye contact and for whispering sweet nothings. WANT SOME MORE?
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– Don’t attempt positions where you think you might hurt yourself or your partner. Nothing says you tried the wrong sexual position like a trip to the emergency room.
– Don’t rush into trying anything your partner isn’t equally interested in trying. ie. Certain standing positions have the risk of dropping your partner.
– If a certain position is uncomfortable for one or both of you then don’t do it. Sex is supposed to be fun, not give you back pain the next morning.
– If you find a position that is boring or unromantic because its so awkward to do, then it is probably not worth the effort. Try something else you actually enjoy.
– If you’ve got an idea for something you want to try then communicate it to your partner so they know which way they need to be going too. They might think you’re attempting something else and they’re not psychic.
– Best to have a nice large bed or a floor with no obstacles in the way.
– Certain positions don’t really work when you’re pregnant. Don’t bother with them and find new positions that do work.
– When having sex for a long period of time and trying many different types of positions remember to use lubrication. It will reduce chaffing and pain later on and make the whole experience that much more enjoyable. WANT SOME MORE?
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INTRODUCTION                                  9
CHAPTER 1 MAN ON TOP                  11
MISSIONARY REVERSED                    15
REVERSE JOCKEY                               16
SPLITTING HALF                                17
SLIDER                                                18
THE CRADLE                                       19
THE MASTER                                       20
THE ANGEL                                         21
TWISTED TWIST                               22
THE VICTORY POSITION                  23
BACKING INTO THE V                       24
BUTTERFLY                                         26
COWBOY                                             29
GRASSHOPPER                                   30
DELIGHT                                             32
BUTTER CHURNER                             33
DRILL                                                  34
MEET ‘N’ GREET                                  35
X MARKS THE SPOT                           37
MOUNTAIN CLIMBER                        38
HAMMERING HOME                           39
CHAPTER 2 LADY ON TOP                  45
RIDE ‘EM COWGIRL!                           47
REVERSE COWGIRL                            49
THE AROUSING CRAB                       50
THE CHARMER                                   51
ROLLER COASTER                             52
MISSIONARY SWITCH UP                53
NAILING IT                                         55
TAKING IT IN                                      57
HER CALL                                           60
LOCKING HER IN                               61
DIGGING IN                                       62
POLE PLEASURES                             63
THE SIDE SADDLE                            64
THE AMAZON                                   65
HOT SEAT                                          66
SYBIAN                                               68
SUNNY SIDE UP                                69
OTHERS                                              70
CHAPTER 3 LYING DOWN                 76
CRAZY STARFISH                               78
MEETING ON THE BRIDGE                79
SPORK ME                                          80
A TIGHT FIT                                        81
SLIDING                                              82
CRAFTY CAT                                        82
RAISING THE BRIDGE                        83
REAR-ENTRY SPOONING                   84
INVERTED SPOON                              87
LINGUINI                                             88
THE CRISS-CROSS                               91
SEX WITH A VIEW                                93
SPOON AND FORK COMBO                94
THE PRETZEL                                       95
THE G-WHIZ                                         96
THE FUSION                                         97
TWISTER                                             98
CLIMBING THE FLAGPOLE                 99
69                                                       100
REVERSE 69                                         102
SIDEWAYS 69                                       103
THE FLATIRON                                     104
OTHERS                                                105
CHAPTER 4 STANDING                           113
HEAD OVER HEELS                                  115
THE FORWARD BEND                               116
THE LEAN BACK AND TAKE IT                118
OTTOMAN ANTICS                                 119
ELEVATING THE ENTRY                          120
THE BLACK SWAN                                  121
DANCER                                                   122
BALLERINA                                             123
BODYGUARD                                          124
PRISON GUARD                                     126
SQUAT                                                    127
STANDING DOGGY STYLE                     128
RAISED WHEELBARROW                       129
HOISTING THE GOODS                         131
GETTING OVER THE HUMP                  132
FOOTSIES                                               133
DEEP VICTORY                                        134
OVER THE DESK                                      135
OTHERS                                                   136
CHAPTER 5 KNEELING                            139
REAR ENTRY OR DOGGY STYLE               140
THE CORKSCREW                                     141
SITTING PRETTY                                       142
DOWNWARDS FACING DOG                     143
KNEELING BACK                                       143
POUNDING THE BEND                             144
FIRE HYDRANT                                          145
FROG LEAP                                                 146
TURTLE                                                      147
NIGHTCAP SEX POSITION                       149
OTHERS                                                     150
A MAN’S VIEWPOINT                                151
CHAPTER 6 SITTING                                 154
SEATED SEE-SAW                                       155
LAPPING IT IN                                            156
LAPPING IT UP                                           157
CROSSLEG CANOODLE                              158
SLIDING SIDE TO SIDE                               159
SITTING IN                                                  160
NAMASTE                                                    160
LOTUS                                                         161
ASSISTED LOTUS                                        162
KNEELING EMBRACE                                  164
LAPTOP                                                       165
SEE SAW                                                      166
FOLD AND FONDLE                                     167
HOLDING THE CONNECTION                   169
OTHERS                                                       170
SUPINE SEX                                                 175
BATTER UP                                                   176
UPWARD DOG                                              177
YOGA MASTER                                             177
THE NOODLE CANOODLE                           179
BOTTOM’S UP                                              180
THE HOGWARTS EXPRESS                          181
G-SPOT JIGGLE                                           182
CHAPTER 8 ORAL SEX FOR HIM                 183
SWALLOWING YOUR FEAR                          184
PERFECT BLOWJOB                                     187
THE BIG FINISH                                           190
ORAL SEX POSITIONS                                 192
THE ORIGINAL                                             192
BLOWJOB THERAPY                                    193
DEEP THROAT                                              194
DOWNWARD STROKE                                  196
FACE STRADDLE FOR HIM                           197
WISHES SEX POSITION                               198
OTHERS                                                        199
CHAPTER 9 ORAL SEX FOR HER                  203
TRACE HER BODY.                                        204
ORAL SEX POSITIONS                                 205
SPREAD EAGLE                                             205
EAR WARMER                                                207
FEEDBAG                                                       208
LEG UP                                                         209
LICKING THE FLAGPOLE                             210
REVERSE FACE STRADDLE                           211
STANDING FACE STRADDLE                       213
UNDER THE HOOD (FOR HER)                    214
THE ROYAL TREATMENT                             215
FINGERING                                                   216
OTHERS                                                        217   DO YOU WANT WANT DETAILS?
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You might be looking for vigorous, passionate sex that’s quick, impulsive and powerful; you might be looking for slow. romantic lovemaking, or you might be looking for lazy, loving sex before you go to sleep.
Sex can do all these things and more for us, in all kinds of ways, and in all kinds of positions, but it’s important for men to remember that though they may be very orgasm-centered, the same isn’t always true for women.
Men tend to think of penetration as wonderful, penile thrusting as extremely enjoyable, and orgasm as even better – regardless of the sexual position!
Women may find the very act of penetration gives them a huge amount of emotional and physical fulfillment. But some of the sexual positions which men enjoy are not always so attractive to women.
The thing is, women may find the physical sensation of their partner’s penis in the vagina very enjoyable. For them, vaginal thrusting usually doesn’t produce an orgasm – regardless of the position in which you’re both enjoying sex – and sex may have more emotional connotations than it does for a man.
There’s an old cliché about men needing sex to feel loving, while women want love before they’re ready for sex. And most old clichés have a grain of truth in them somewhere………WANT SOME MORE?
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If you’re a man, you’ll have spent a fair amount of time thinking about this! Ah yes – it’s the stuff of fantasy! To have her on top, giving you pleasure, watching her body as she moves up and down your penis, slowly teasing you, watching you seductively as she moves, controlling her movements and savoring her power as she keeps you in the relentless grip of her vagina.
Yes, they’re good for fantasy, for sure – but do they live up to their billing?
Well, probably. As always, the best sexual position for you and your partner is a matter of individual preference, but it’s fair to say that making love with the woman on top is very popular with both men and women – and for some very good reasons.
Men find these sexual techniques exciting because they are less often used by couples than the man on top positions – and so they produce a different set of sensations as you make love.
The techniques a woman can employ as she skillfully rides can tease and keep a man on the edge of orgasm until the sexual tension seems almost unbearable, and all the while the man have the chance to see her breasts or buttocks, depending whether she is facing towards or away from him…….WANT SOME MORE?
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Try to, at least every once in a while, control your orgasm and work together so that you can both orgasm at the same time. That way no one is left behind and the combined feeling of both of your releases is a spectacular must try. It might be hard work for some but it will be most definitely be worth it in the endWANT SOME MORE?
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Fast, frenzied sex will do many nice things for your relationship: it reminds you both how much you are attracted to each other on a purely physical basis; it’s unplanned, impulsive sex that keeps the “Aren’t we naughty?” buzz alive; and there is no argument against the fact that quick sex, rather than no sex, keeps you connected as a couple. Most men can get an erection in the time it takes her to say “How about it?” Women’s arousal systems are, sadly, somewhat slower. During relaxed lovemaking, there’s time for the vagina to lubricate and expand: during quick sex you both need to be ready for immediate action.
Adding lubricant speeds up the female arousal process by instantly providing what her body usually takes a little while to provide naturally. With gentle but slippery hands, you can dive straight for her, guaranteeing pleasure, not pain. Lubricant also artificially prepares her for quick penetration. Combine this with immediate, expert stimulation and you can shock her sexual system from “Whoa” to “Go” in under a minute. Leave tubes of lubricant in secret hiding places (behind a couch cushion, in the bathroom, in the glove compartment of the car, in the office). You can also buy little sachets of travel-size lubricant to carry with you, for whenever and wherever.
Mix it up A good sex life is balanced and you need a variety of sex sessions to nurture all parts of your emotional and sexual selves. Lusty and loving. Long and short. It’s totally acceptable to have quickish sex the majority of times you make love. But when you do have time, make the effort. A sensible two-week mix for busy couples is to include four to six low-effort, minutes-long turn-ons, at least four quickies (anywhere from five minutes to 15), and at least one session that lasts up to an hour (or more). In total, that’s around an hour and a half every two weeks.
Considering most of us spend around two hours per night parked in front of the TV, that’s a pretty effective use of time.
Standing positions provide excitement and variety to your sex life. Perhaps most exciting of all, they can be the result of a spur-of-the-moment sexual urge that finds you and your lover tearing at each other’s clothing in some of the most unexpected places and situations. Standing sex might happen more easily for some couples than for others. It all depends on your bodies’ relative heights and configurations. All we can tell you is that if the two of you are sufficiently aroused, you are probably going to surprise yourself with how well you can make it work. And figuring it out will be all the fun. WANT SOME MORE?
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Role-playing isn’t for everybody. Plenty of men and women get embarrassed putting on costumes or improvising sexy talk. If you and your partner are comfortable with it, role-playing can be a great way to put some new kinkiness into your sex life. Some of the most common forms of role-playing involve one partner being dominant and the other being submissive.
Before you start to role play, you should always determine who is going to be dominant and who is going to be submissive. If you want to switch it up in the middle of the role-playing that is fine, too. The key is to find a healthy balance so the both of you are satisfied in the end. WANT SOME MORE?
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Zap your love life from stale to salacious in seconds with these clever little tried-and-tested, raunch-rated sex tricks. Perfect for that fun-and-filthy weekend away or any time you have a notion to do something a little different.
Instead of dissipating semen the man should moderate his excitement, through the use of breath and other techniques. In love-making, the man surrenders himself to a woman, adoring her with every touch, without losing control of his passions. WANT SOME MORE?
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Strategically placing mirrors around the bedroom so that you may watch yourself while your partner makes love to you can be incredibly arousing. As mirrors are extremely difficult to place on the roof, try buying portable standing mirrors to place behind the bed, to the sides or even use the mirrors in the bathroom. Viewing yourself whilst having sex can be incredibly erotic and you might just be in for a surprise as to how naughty you may feel at watching such a thing.
The G-spot: some think it’s a myth; others are convinced that it’s not only real, but it’s also highly effective in triggering mind blowing female orgasms. While the scientific community may still be divided on the G-spot’s existence, ask any woman who has had a G-spot orgasm, and she’ll tell you that it’s definitely there, and she wants you to stimulate it.
Locating the G-spot can be an epic quest. It can be remarkably easy to find in some women, while in others it’s almost impossible. If you put your finger insider her vagina with your palm up while she’s on her back and then bring your fingers up in a “come hither” motion, you should be somewhere close to the G-spot. Manual stimulation of the G-spot may be the easiest way to explore its possibilities, but you can also incorporate it into intercourse. If you choose the right positions, you’ll have a greater chance of hitting her G-spot.
From behind Rear-entry positions are some of the most reliable when it comes to stimulating the G-spot during intercourse. You can try it doggy style or in the spooning position (both of you lying on your sides, facing the same way as you enter her from behind) for a more relaxed option. In order to have the greatest chance of success with a rear-entry position, the penis should rub against the front wall of the vagina. When she’s on all fours, she should arch her back slightly and not put her head down on the bed. You can try lifting her hips a little and thrusting in a downward motion to perfect this. WANT SOME MORE?
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The clitoris is packed full of nerve endings. I am sure that you have heard that this is the most sensitive spot in her genital area. But did you know that the clitoris has internal structures, as well? Yep, the full clitoris is shaped like a wishbone. It has a head, a shaft, and two legs or roots that extend into the body. This pleasure-packed playmate likes to be rolled, stroked, flicked, and sucked. Her clitoral legs love pressure and rolling. WANT SOME MORE?
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Women withhold what they want, then blame men for not giving it to them. By choosing joy over anger, a woman can teach a man how to touch and gratify her. Most men want to gratify their partners and are capable of climbing mountains if they know what to do. Communicate how you like your genitals to be touched and appreciate his efforts to pleasure you. Appreciation spawns intimacy. WANT SOME MORE?
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