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Unpredictable, uncontrollable and unbelievably hot! Creating Sexual Tension with Your Partner is a surefire way to turn up the heat in your relationship. It is packed with steamy tips and tricks for building the ultimate sexual tension with your partner making them always passionately think about YOU. This book has timeless advice that can be used by anyone at any stage of their relationship with their significant other, sure you’ll discover exhilarating new ways to have a blast in your sex life. The book will teach you how to make your partner anticipate whatever comes next.
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Why Read This Book

Science does prove that the chemistry of brand new love does have a shelf life. Psychology Today reports that studies suggest the first rush of sexual passion can last 4 to 15 months. It’s not everlasting, what a shame. But there’s no reason to throw in the towel just yet. With the right mindset and some creativity, you can create a great post crush magnetism that will get you and your partner in the mood for sex and keep you there.
Nothing feels better than having your partner desire you. So once your sexual appetites start to change and you two are not in sync, it is time to take matters into your own hands and turn things around. You can turn yourself on and be hot and ready to turn them on too. Once you two are back into having passion and fun with sex again, it will get easier and easier.
Why bother this great book? It’s actually pretty simple…While maintaining a stable and loving relationship with your partner is obviously important, allowing it to get boring is absolutely the last thing you could ever want to happen. The easiest (and most fun) way to keep things interesting is to invest some time in improving and learning fun new things to unleash on your partner daily, creating the most addicting sexual tension keeping them thinking about you even if you have been together for the past 35 days or 35 years
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Take a look at the book preview below!


why read this book.                         4
introduction.                                     8
chapter 1 teasing.                             11
the mental aspect                             12
teasing him..                                      13
teasing her                                         20
chapter 2 eye contact                      28
types of eye contact                         32
importance of eye contact to sexual tension. 33
practicing eye contact                     36
chapter 3 dirty talking.                   41
dirty talking to him..                        43
how to talk dirty if you are really shy. 55
dirty talk in public to keep anticipation. 57
creative actions                                  59
not very sexual dirty talk phrases  62
a little sexual dirty talk phrases      63
very sexual dirty talk.                       63
super sexual dirty talk.                      64
confessions                                           64
chapter 4 sexting and emailing.       66
start out very simple.                          67
examples of sexting messages           72
dirty emailing.                                      73
more tactics                                           75
chapter 5 getting in the mood.          81
relax reframe.                                      82
write your mind.                                  84
erotica.                                                   85
take control!                                          86
don’t give up.                                         89
chapter 6 sexual seduction.                91
practice makes perfect                         91
be romantic.                                          92
set the Scene.                                         95
start slowly & sensually. 96
shake and bake. 97
ten minutes away. 99
buzz me on aisle one. 101
spontaneous attraction. 103
sheer pleasure. 105
love it, zip it 107
diamond girl 109
chapter 7 erogenous zones 111
arousal essentials 111
Stimulating Pleasure Zones 112
inside the body – g-spot 128
finding the g spot 131
sex positions to stimulate your g spot 137
other erogenous spots 148
chapter 8 the art of kissing. 151
soul kissing. 156
kissing techniques for ladies 162
chapter 9 anatomy of arousal 178
the anatomy of female arousal 179
stages of sexual arousal 181
exciting  and arousing her mind. 184
in summary. 192
the anatomy of male arousal 196
arousing him.. 200
chapter 10 caressing. 206
caressing your partner 207
tender touches 210
expressing your love. 211
hugs and embraces 211
playing with touch. 213
chapter 11 sensuous scents 220
using scents with your lover: 222
a scent for every mood. 223
pheromones: 229
chapter 12 sex tension turn offs 231
turning her off 231
turning him off 237
turn on a sexually indifferent man. 244
some things he may secretly long for 255
where silence is golden. 256
conclusion. 259
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Sexual tension is the feeling that you experience when you are around someone and want them, but don’t actually act on it. Being sexual involves physically acting on any sexual feeling. If you want to have your partner be obsessed with you and constantly thinking about you, then you should know that building sexual tension is a much more powerful tool to use.
Sexual tension will make everything about your relationship more exciting!  If you read any gossip magazine or hit any hot club on the weekend, you are going to notice one thing they all share in common:
Practically every other woman you see is dressed in something skimpy, sexy or revealing. And almost all of them are being overtly sexual to some degree.
Ask any honest man what their gut reaction is to these girls and they will all tell you the same thing…
It’s hot!
It’s sexy!
As a result, most think that the best way to be sexy and keep their partner attracted is to dress hot and be overtly sexual.
Let me tell first hand that this is hot, but…………………………..
It’s not a good way to keep your partner attracted.
It’s hot & sexy in the moment, but it’s not a good way to keep your partner attracted in the long term.
While it’s certainly a great way for keeping your partner turned on, it’s not so effective at keeping them thinking about you.
A better way at keeping your partner attracted and hot for you as well as keeping them thinking of you is by: Building Sexual Tension
Building sexual tension is literally hundred times more effective than just ‘acting sexy’.
Now before we venture into building sexual tension, keep in mind that dressing/acting sexy and building sexual tension aren’t mutually exclusive.
You just need to be able to differentiate between the two.
Okay, now you know that building sexual tension is the backbone of your relationship.
So you are probably now wondering, what are the best ways to build sexual tension with your partner?
Before we dive into the subject, I will give you two short warnings that you must always heed:
Using sexual tension with your partner is like using a STRONG SPICE when cooking. Only use it just a little bit to keep things interesting. Use it too much and it gets annoying. TO GET MORE!!!
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Chapter 1 Teasing

1building sexual tension is literally hundred times more effective

it takes time to build up
While learning how to create sexual tension with your partner, you may be keen to do it as fast as possible and make it happen right now. This isn’t a great strategy to have. You will get a much more powerful reaction from your partner if you can do it slowly and steadily.
You’ll even find that sometimes when you drag it out over a number of days or even weeks before acting on how you feel, when you eventually do break the sexual tension, it will feel incredible. TO GET MORE!!!
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Chapter 2 Eye Contact

2eye contact is an important part of the mating ritual. staring directly into someone’s eyes causes an arousal reaction

The eyes have a body language all on their own. They have a very subtle form of speaking that is hard to define, but you know it when you see eyes that “speak”: they narrow, deepen, greet, adore, invite, suggest, implore, insist, caress, propose and promise. They also glow with knowledge, twinkle mischievously and play with sexual desire. All without you even opening your mouth and without a single word exchanged between the two of you. TO GET MORE!!!
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Chapter 3 Dirty Talking


What happens outside the bedroom has a huge impact on what happens behind closed doors
It isn’t easy to jump into anything, much less into something so intimate. It’s best to ease your way into it,. If you haven’t talked dirty to your partner before, surprising them with it might be more of a turn-off than a turn-on. Think about it: how would you react if your lover suddenly whipped out some dirty talk on you and you had no idea it was coming?
You might have more questions than sexy thoughts. That’s why it’s important to take slow steps toward what you really want. What happens outside the bedroom has a huge impact on what happens behind closed doors, so start by weaving subtle hints through your day.
Dirty talk phrases will turn your partner on and add a whole new dimension to your sex life. However before you rush out and start using these dirty phrases, there are a few things you should first know… TO GET MORE!!!
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Chapter 4 Sexting And Emailing


dirty texting can be done anywhere, anytime

Don’t have the time or the inclination to talk on the phone when you’re feeling naughty? Dirty texting is all the rage, and for good reason. Dirty texting can be done anywhere, anytime, without much risk of anyone finding out what you are doing.
Certainly no one can overhear you when you’re texting! It is also known as “sexting” (a combination of the words “sex” and “text”). The trend toward using phone text to get naughty with your partner started years ago. Teenagers were the first to realize they could send naughty text messages, and as long as they kept their phone private or deleted the messages when they were done, no one was the wiser.
Now the trend has widened to include everyone, even older adults. And of course, most cell phones these days have the ability for texting, so it’s very simple for anyone to do. Sexting is catching on like wildfire, it is the modern day love letter. Sexts tease, torture and build anticipation. They can bring fun and can definitely make intercourse even more exciting, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to do this. TO GET MORE!!!
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Chapter 5 Getting In The Mood


Getting in the mood for sexy times just doesn’t happen when you are stressed and exhausted.

Relax Reframe

Include massage in your life. Massage will help you learn what it feels like to be physically relaxed.  The cool thing about body work like massage is that you are destressing without having to think about it. Getting in the mood for sexy times just doesn’t happen when you are stressed and exhausted. Massage will help you get ready for sex by relaxing your body. When you are relaxed, being turned on is much easier which makes sex a lot more fun. TO GET MORE!!!
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Chapter 6 Sexual Seduction


Practice Makes Perfect

Before you can even think about seducing someone, you’ve got to make sure you’ve done the ground work. It’s about seducing yourself in a way, it includes surrounding yourself with beautiful things, wearing perfume every day or wearing lovely lingerie every day so that by the time you actually come to seducing someone it will come naturally

Chapter 7 Erogenous Zones


Arousal Essentials

The skin is the body’s largest sensory organ, with millions of sensitive nerve endings that respond to the slightest touch. By exploring the body’s multitude of erogenous zones rather than focusing solely on the genitals, you can open up a whole realm of arousal possibilities and exciting new routes to orgasm.
It’s important to take time to explore and experiment. Agree beforehand that you simply learning to arouse your partner in new ways. Let go and relax into the present moment, and notice how your partner’s body begins to soften and respond to even the subtlest touch. TO GET MORE!!!
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Chapter 8 The Art Of Kissing


When you kiss, whether on the mouth or anywhere on the body, you both release hormones that make you feel sensual, relaxed, and more open to sensual touches. These hormones include dopamine, endorphins, and phenylethylamine, feel-good hormones produced by the pituitary and hypothalamus glands. As these hormones flood your body, they bring a profound sense of well-being, helping you to relax and prepare your bodies for further physical contact. Kissing, nibbling, and sucking will all have the same hormonal effect. Try gentle kisses at first, moving to more passionate as you both relax.

Chapter 9 Anatomy Of Arousal


The Anatomy Of Female Arousal

Our bodies go through a number of changes during sex. Understanding these changes helps us understand both our sexuality and that of our spouse. Before we look at how a woman’s body changes as she becomes aroused, it is very important to understand that men and women are very different when it comes to arousal. TO GET MORE!!!
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Chapter 10 Caressing


These intimate touches are designed to turn your partner on and keep him or her in an aroused state, relaxed and yet completely engaged and brimming with desire for more touch. Use at the end of a full body massage to communicate your desire, and perhaps take your massage to lovemaking. TO GET MORE!!!
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Chapter 11 Sensuous Scents


Bring the passion in your relationship to a new level by introducing scents that evoke powerful sensual feelings. use them in your home and on your body to heat things up. Have fun figuring out which scents will unleash their magic in your bedroom!
Scent is an invisible force of sexuality. We are attracted to our partner’s natural scent as well as being affected by scents around us. To create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom, bring in certain sensual aromas. By adorning yourself with desirable scents it will surely intrigue your lover into enjoying a most desirable experience. TO GET MORE!!!
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Chapter 12 Sex Tension Turn Offs


in reality women have moments of turn offs that aren’t often discussed in order to protect the ego of their partners

Turning Her Off

Women and men are wired differently when it comes to the triggers that spark sexual arousal.  Men are more visually based whereas women are more emotionally and mentally based, requiring mental stimulation in order to become aroused. It may appear that women are always enjoying themselves in the bedroom because of the love faces formed, moist nether regions and sensual moans, but in reality women have moments of lackluster experiences that aren’t often discussed in order to protect the ego of their partners.  The things that turn women off in the bedroom aren’t so apparent, so to help out those men, here are things that turn women off during sex.

Turning Him Off

Contrary to popular belief, guys get turned off just like ladies can. Sure, the rumor is they want sex more often than women, but certain things can drive down his desire for sex enough to make him want to drink a beer and watch the game instead of heading to the bedroom with you.
If you want to keep his sex drive revved up and ready to go at any time, nix these turn offs for guys that are akin to him imagining his mother in her skivvies…yikes! TO GET MORE!!!
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Finding cute things to do for your partner is a fun part of any relationship. Not only will these sweet displays show that you care about them, they will also remind them just how wonderful you are.
Maintaining a happy relationship means keeping things fresh, so while you might have a go-to move, it will become stale and boring if you overuse it. That means you will always be looking for new cute things to do with your boyfriend. This list will get you started, and while a few of them may play into tired gender stereotypes, they will help you brainstorm other ideas that fit both you personalities. GET MORE!!!
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