One position that has held it’s ranks in popularity over the years is the 69. This position gained popularity because of it’s incredible way of pleasing both people at a time orally versus individually taking turns. It’s only mishap is that if you’re a couple with vastly different heights, it may not work, but people have found a way around that. People are finding new ways to pleasure themselves and their partner around the clock.
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A new position has emerged, like the lesser known cousin of a celebrity, dubbed the ‘68’ and though it takes on the classic spin of a one person at a time ordeal, it can be exactly what you need to try.

The 68 is defined in Urban dictionary as the sex position that leaves you owing one to your partner. 69-1=68.

“A partner who gives quick and insufficient oral sex, short-changing his partner. Based on the sex position “the 69” where both partners give and receive oral sex simultaneously. In this case since one partner got an “I owe you one” it is 69 minus 1 or 68.”


But it’s an actual position, the person receiving the oral sits on the giver’s chest, opens up their legs, and rests their head on the giver’s propped up knees. Like this:
So, as long as you and your partner have the same stance points on making the other orgasm, it shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re on a one night stand and not sure whether this person is going to come through (lol get it?) for you or not, then by all means decline that 68. But if you’re daring enough to give it a go, this is how.
It may be a bit uncomfortable for the guy to try it, because if the guy is heavier than the girl, well it may get a little hard to breathe. Also, it maybe a little hard to give a BJ from that angle. Great move for lesbian couples, for sure.

68-2If you can get the guy on your chest without feeling uncomfortable, apparently, it can be the ultimate blow job experience because it gives the giver full access to those ‘often forgotten zones’ like the anus, testicles, and the “gooch” (or as I like to call it, the coffee table). if you are into a bit of more kinky stuff like choking, the giver can wrap their legs around your neck placing the receiver in a spread eagle position.
So give it a go, see how it works, and if not, you can move on to sex position number 70. Same as 69 but you get a finger up where the sun don’t shine, Urban dictionary defined this as 69+1=70.
Quick note: For comprehensive details with illustrations you can instantly download the book; Affectionate Sex Positions Over 100 Illustrated.