Three Great Sex Positions for Plus Size Girls

I am pretty sure plus size women can do pretty much anything a smaller woman can do. Sometimes it may take some modifications, but where there is a will there is a way. I know from personal experience that it also depends on how your partner is built and how you are built.


5 Ways to Spice Up Masturbation

hese tips are unisex, so both men and women can apply the tips suggested here.  RELAX! Masturbation is healthy and has many benefits besides a release of sexual energy.  Orgasms can reduce stress, cure headaches, reduce body aches and pains, lift your mood and balance out the body's systems.  Not to mention it feels so damn good!! It's the safest sex there is and it harms no one to do it.

How To Avoid the “Cat Back” During Doggie Style

Every sexually active person on this Earth knows the one complaint men have about doggie style: that ugly hump in the back that many women get when not being able to take the D while being pounded from behind. I like to call that hump in the back the "cat back" because it looks exactly like what cat looks like when it is frightened or about to attack out of fear. 

Breast Sex: Tips For The Curious Beginner

Breasts are considered to be one of the top 3 erogenous zones (pleasure zones) on the female body, and when it comes to sexual activity these lovely lady lumps receive a lot of attention.  Sucking, licking, rubbing, massaging and sometimes even biting or nibbling are used on the breasts as typical ways to arouse both partners, but how does one attempt the infamous "titty fuck" when it gets down to the nitty gritty?

Go Deep: Various Ways To Switch Up The Stroke

here is an art to making love, and just like the variety of paint strokes a painter uses to create a beautiful piece of art, a varied stroke technique is needed to truly create a beautiful and satisfying sexual experience when in the bedroom. Any man can pump like a jack rabbit and achieve his orgasm quickly, but to put the pleasure of your partner first and sincerely savor every moment of being inside of her and connecting on an energy level separates the truly skilled from the animalistic.

Facial Features Can Reveal Vagina Size

It's always been said that you can tell a man's penis size by the size of his feet, but did you know that you can actually get an approximate idea about the size and shape of a woman's vagina based on her facial features? IT'S TRUE I TELL YOU!

11 Tricks For Awesome Sex

The first one in this list of sex tips for couples is learning. You should find out what your partner really wants during intercourse. This does not mean that you just focus on what your partner wants, yet remember that sex is a two-way street. Ask your spouse about their own preferences in the bedroom. On the opposite side, you also need to learn what you love.

Going down on someone when they’re on their period

There’s nothing wrong with going down on someone when they’re on their period Considering the widespread disgust and horror at the idea of period sex, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that people are intensely grossed out by the concept of going down on someone who’s menstruating.

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