15 Sexy Ways to Have the Best Quickie Every Time

Everyone loves a good quickie. Come on, admit it. Length of time isn’t the only thing that signifies an amazing time in bed. A great quickie can quickly climb the ladder and claim your number one spot if it’s done correctly.


How to Moan Without Sounding Like an Unattractive Dying Walrus

Whether you’re a guy or girl, moaning can be something that really gets you going. That being said, if you’re really bad at it and it’s something your partner likes a lot, you might want to try sounding better. Adjusting how you moan to be sexier can make a huge difference if your significant other is really into it.

Sex Positions And Their Deeper Meanings

From missionary to doggy style and everything in between, there are countless positions couples use to get down and dirty. A recent study suggests that a man’s preferred sex position may indicate something about his deeper personality, and some guys may not like the results.

How To Make Her Want You

Let’s face it, in many relationships, men want sex more often than their partners. This may leave some guys feeling “blue,” but focusing on your lady may be the key to increasing the number of hours you spend in the sack.

Spice Up Your Sex Life By Spicing Up Your Food

New research recently revealed that if you’re experiencing a bit of a dry spell in sex thrills, it may be time to try a few new things in the kitchen before going back to the bedroom. Specifically, researchers discovered that Indian curries can add a significant boost to sex drives.

Can pregnant women have sex?

It is difficult to find a married couple in anticipation of the firstborn,Who would not be interested in the question: can pregnant women have sex? If "no", when will it be possible? And if "yes", then in what positions, up to what term and in general! Medicine answers these questions unequivocally: you can have sex, only be careful!

A Couple’s Guide To Erotic Massage

Erotic massage isn’t something you should rush. If you are a busy couple, make a date for it to happen. If you have little kids, who still wake up during the night, send them to grandma’s/aunty’s/a friend’s place or you might have to get an overnight sitter and go to a hotel for the night. Don’t feel guilty about it. An erotic massage is an investment in your relationship so don’t make excuses, just make it happen!

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